Change The Why 


There is a why behind absolutely every action, every choice, every belief, and every thought. When you build a business, We believe in most cases the why is your passion, your skill, you want to share what you love, and what you’re good at, with the world. It doesn’t often remain that particular ‘why’ though, does it? You must be able to fund your dream, to fund your dream you need customers, and to get customers, there is a standard method of generic advertising, offers, flyers, ads, to drive people in. And in the effort to get business, we leave a lot by the wayside. Employees become a part of the bottom line, instead of sharing the dream, instead of finding people to follow you bravely you find people that will just show up. You use traditional means of advertising, and now all the sudden you are just…doing business. We get lost in that mentality, in every single line of business. It’s too easy to almost forget why we did this in the first place. 


Change the why. It’s not just about bringing in business, it’s about bringing your dream back, about developing a passion that’s shared in a symbiotic relationship, you, your employees, and your customers, all loving what they do. Whether that’s working within your dream, or paying to experience your dream, your passion, whatever that may be. That’s changing the why. That’s bringing it  back to where it all started. That is developing relationships in your community, creating a level of visible passion that organically creates a love, a respect, and a recognition for your brand. Change the why, and you change everything, without sacrificing anything.


    *Relationships *