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At the end of it all, every single business is about the same thing. Forging the relationship, with your consumer, with your community, with your vendors. That tenet has existed since the beginning of commerce. The best businesses are those that forge the deepest relationships, the one where the consumer leaves feeling like they have made a new friend, someone they can support, someone they can believe in. 

How do you build that relationship? How do you, as a business, share your passion with the local community? How do you get your target consumer to believe in you, as strongly as you believe in yourself? You change the Why. In every industry, there are those select few companies that do so well at showing their passion that their consumers believe in them fervently. Whether its an oil change company that provides a level of camaraderie and humor, a big box electronics store that knows your name when you walk in, or a tire change business that follows the simple premise of doing the right thing, its all the same concept. Their Why is different than others. We all have that go to, that business that even if it’s a bit more expensive, we will ONLY go there. Because…of the relationship. Because they are a part of our community, because their Why is the people first. They are the place we recommend with a fervor, the ones we genuinely believe in, no matter what the business is. That’s what you want, isn’t it? At the end of the day, you got into your line of work because you excel at it, because you believe in it, because you have a passion, and you want to share that. For any, or at least most business owners, the goal is the same. It's not just how much you bring in, its not just your bottom line, it's HOW you achieved that bottom line. If you run into a customer in line at the grocery store, how does that interaction look? Do they recognize you, shake your hand, give you a hug, compliment the last job you did for them? If not…they should. You want that, don’t you? You want your consumers to feel proud of your place in the community, you want them to smile when they see you, you want them to FEEL a deep connection with you, and your passion. 


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